DELLA CASA is a pasta made with dehydrated chiles and ancient spices found in Mexico. Chiles and spices are a good source of nutrients that will kick up your next food adventure.

DELLA CASA is a product manufactured by 4th generation business of wheat farmers and grain millers that is proud to provide its customers with products of the highest degree food safety and hygiene practices. Enjoy your next dish with our Bronze Die, 100% Durum Wheat Semolina.

Artisanal Pasta Recipes

Learn how to cook fabulous dishes created with our excellent high-quality Della Casa Select Pasta, make dishes with easy-to-find ingredients, and surprise your guests and family with our delicious recipes.

Experience Della Casa Original #TheMexicanPasta made of natural chiles and spices. The perfect #spaghetti for your next spicy recipe. Life is too short. Spice it up!

Our pasta is made with the finest selected ingredients, this helps your dishes have a unique flavor which will make them different from other pasta you have used.