Jalapeño Pasta is the most popular flavor because it has a bright and mild spicy kick, which makes this dish stand out. The chile pepper originally comes from Mexico and is most often found at every corner of our favorite restaurants and street vendors across this beautiful country, they can now be found all around the world for its unique taste with just enough heat level to warm up your palette and Spice Up Your Life!


The Chipotle pasta has a smoky yet subtle sweetness to it that's perfect for those looking to branch out of their comfort zone. The chipotle pepper is used to add complexity, with its spiciness matched perfectly by the smoked taste that enhances both heat as well as an interesting note of spice to Mexican dishes. It comes from dried smoked jalapeños that are popular throughout Central America and Mexico, as wells as, South Texas and southern New Mexico.

Chile Poblano

The Poblano pasta has an earthy green and mild chile flavor similar to green bell peppers. The poblano chile is a traditional Mexican chile that holds a unique heart-shape. They can be found in many dishes throughout Mexico, and they have a rich history.

The most famous dish that uses Chile Poblano is Chile Relleños. It is said to have been invented by nuns in Puebla, Mexico who first produced this dish to celebrate the Mexican victory at the Battle of Puebla or more commonly known today as Cinco de Mayo!


The Mexican chorizo pasta celebrates a culinary tradition set in Aztec empire centuries ago when Spanish conquistadors arrived. A unique taste that captivates you with its rich earthiness from black peppercorns and hints soothed by guajillo peppers only matched by smoky, deep brick-red Paprika color to give its signature taste.