Emiliano and Cesar have worked hard to build their business over the years. Still, something was always missing - a clear identity for themselves outside of being just another Mexican company making spaghetti.

Della Casa is an artisan pasta concept that fuses tradition with an exotic experience to break stereotypes of what traditional pasta should be. They believe that all cultures have their own unique take on food, and they wanted to share Mexico's rich history and flavors with the world. Life's Too Short, Spice it UP!

Emiliano and Cesar stumbled upon an unexpected turn in their traditional pasta business. They realized that the pasta industry put a label on their company which overshadowed years of branding efforts. As a result, and without intention, they became known as the Mexican pasta.

For over 80 years, their grandfather worked hard to deliver high-quality pasta to the market in Mexico and abroad. However, the label always positioned them as outsiders, so they felt inclined to push forward and cross the threshold with a vision.

The goal was simple, to continue holding their grandfather's torch in the United States by not settling and conforming to the labels. So instead, they ventured and explored what a Mexican pasta could taste like.

After some spicy conversations, Emiliano and Cesar realized they were struck by the aromas of their culinary traditions, so rich in flavor and rooted in history. And it was at that moment, that an original Mexican artisan pasta was born. DELLA CASA is pasta made with a hand-picked blend of Mexican chiles and spices.

Emiliano and Cesar realized that going back to their roots could drive their passion and continue their mission. They believe labels do not define people, and they, alone, have the power to rewrite who they are. They choose to spice up their story because life is too short to be stuck with labels. DELLA CASA is a food product true to its Mexican roots.

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