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DELLA CASA is a food product that celebrates the character of chile -- deep color, rich flavor, and heat. Sharing food with those we care about has the power to bring deep and colorful conversation. DELLA CASA celebrates cultural diversity and believes transformation in food creates rich flavors. We take pride in empowering our community and encouraging people to rewrite their own stories. Food born from a warm and heart-centered space can incite dialogue.

Mexico's culture, identity, and heritage are connected directly to chile. In Mexico alone, there are 250 types of chiles. The chiles of Mexico have deep color, flavor, and heat. These characteristics make the Mexican culinary experience rich in tradition and exotic taste.

The all-natural red paprika and black pepper are two condiments blended in the chorizo pasta. Paprika is a powdered, generally orange-red to deep blood-red spice made typically from grinding the dried pods of sweet red bell peppers. Black Pepper is the world's most commonly used spice.

DELLA CASA carries various flavors, and all of them have a unique taste. Chiles like jalapeño, poblano, and chipotle give the pasta a unique flavor and aroma. We also like to use guajillo chile to add natural color and a sweet taste to our pasta.

Jalapeño pasta is the most popular flavor because it has a bright and mild spicy kick. Chile is originally from Mexico, but it is now grown worldwide for its popular flavor and mild heat level. The name Jalapeño is Spanish for Jalapa (or Xalapa), the name for the capital of Veracruz, Mexico. Based on the Scoville Scale, jalapeños are at the medium to hot level.

The Chipotle pasta has a smoky and mild sweetness flavor. Chipotle is a dried, smoked jalapeño that adds complexity to savory and sweet dishes. It is common in Mexican cooking. The chipotle chile is famous and native to Central America and Mexico. Chile is cultivated mainly in the Chihuahua state of Mexico and in Veracruz, Oaxaca, and Sinaloa. In the United States, you can find this chile in South Texas and southern New Mexico. Based on the Scoville Scale, chipotle chiles are in the mild to medium level.

The poblano pasta has an earthy green and mild chile flavor similar to green bell peppers. The poblano chile is a traditional Mexican chile with a unique heart shape. They can be found in many dishes throughout México, and they have a rich history. Poblano chiles are at the mild to medium level based on the Scoville Scale.

The Mexican chorizo-flavored pasta celebrates a culinary tradition of Spanish colonization. The Mexican chorizo holds a smoky and deep brick-red paprika color, guajillo chile, and black pepper, giving it a unique taste. Based on the Scoville Scale, paprika spice and guajillo chiles are at a mild level.

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